How to multitable effectively

We all want to be able to play lots and lots of poker tables effectively; but that is easier said than done. What we have to do is to come up a with a good strategy to accomplish effective and efficient multitabling so that we can maximize our results and ultimately make the most money.

So how do we do that?

Well to first understand how to effectively multi tabling we must first understand why multi tabling works so well. One of the most important considerations when deciding to multi table is the effect of rake –  the more rake we pay when playing poker the more rakeback we will get and the more profit we will generate.

Multi-tabling overlap

The effect of rake is covered in the multitabling guide  by – basically, rake will increase the number of tables we can profitability play because the each table added on, and the more hands we play, the more money that will be generated through rakeback. Rakeback is basically an additional stream of income which allows us to play more tables profitably.

This is one of the primary reasons for choosing to multi-table – and this is why there are so many rakeback nits playing –  because it is profitable, well sorta. It’s not recommend that you play lots of tables and become nitty (tight player who plays very few hands). This is an easy strategy to play against. Not only that, it is a pretty boring strategy to play in itself. You will want to be playing a Lag or Tag style of play which means playing a large or medium amount of hands quite aggressively.

So how do we effectively multitable?

We need to make nearly all our decisions automatic. This allows us to speed up our decision making process and ultimately make more decisions in a shorter amount of time. Blackrain79 covers this well in his guide. The way to make our decisions automatic is to make sure we have a good understanding of our preflop opening, calling and 3betting ranges. This can be performed by  manually writing out all of our ranges in an organised manner which we can then reference in game until we know then off by heart. If we can do this, we will only be thinking about a small fraction of our preflop decisions and this will allow us to play more effectively and play more tables.

In addition, we must also look to speed up our decision making by reducing the number of of clicks and mouse movements. We can do that through pokerstars in some case but on other poker rooms we may need additional software. This will be covered in a later article.


So there you have it. How you can play more hands more effectively. First, understand why we are multitabling, then learn off your ranges and finally use some software (covered in later article).

If here is anything I missed please let me know in the comment section below.I look forward to hearing some replies.

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