The different ways to multi-table


This is the simplest way to multi-tabling,. You basically just stack the the tables next to each other until all of the space on your screen is gone! The benefit of tiling is that you can see all of the tables at once and it is easier to keep track of everything that is happening! However, it can be difficult to play lots of tables as each new table reduces the size of the others.

multi-tabling tiling


Stacking is when each table is placed on top of one another. This means that you can have tables which are as large as you like. However, the main issue with this method is that it can be very difficult to keep track of all of the tables when each one doesn’t have it’s own set position.The main benefit of this method is that you save screen space.

multi-tabling stacking


Cascade is much like stacking. Although each of the corners can be seen of each table. If you urgently need to access a particular table you can click it and bring it to the front of the your screen.Similar to stacking, cascading can be difficult to keep track of the action when playing.

mulit-tabling cascading

So there are the main ways you can play more than one table. Try them all and then take your pick of your favorite!

Maybe you already know favorite multi tabling method? Let us know below and as I am interested to hear!

Have a look at the other post which gives some tips for multitabling!

The Multitabler


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