Multitabling software

Our lives can be made much easier when multitabling with the use of a few pieces of handy software. It can be a challenge keeping up to speed with the game when playing lots of tables and therefore any help we can get the better.

Table optimizer is the first software package I think is a great help. This piece of software will remove almost all of the unnecessary borders and pixels on your table for the website PokerStars. Check it out here



Another helpful peice of software is of course table ninja.

“TableNinja will simplify and accelerate every aspect of your poker experience, by automatically opening tables, managing wait lists, computing bet sizes, managing sit-n-go registration, handling your time bank, providing hotkeys, and so much more. ”


Table Ninja


Stack and tile is also a great peice of software which takes care of all the unimportant aspects of your poker game for you.

“The StackAndTile software will move and organize your poker tables around your screen. It allows you to only focus on the tables that are important, while the un-important tables are moved out of the way and “off your radar”. One software, for all sites.”

Check it out here:

If you know of any other good peices of software please let me know below!

Check out some of my multitabling tips:

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The Multitabler






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